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January 16, 2024 2 min read

Riding the Wave: Mahina's Journey at the WSL Corona Jbay Open

For Mahina Local, participating in the WSL Corona Jbay Open wasn't just an event; it was an immersive experience that allowed us to dive deep into the world of surfing, connect with our core audience, and showcase our commitment to sustainable surf and lifestyle products. In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes of our involvement in the biggest surf contest in South Africa and share the highs, challenges, and the invaluable connections made.

Setting the Stage at the SA Longboard Championships:

Before the WSL Corona Jbay Open, Mahina Local made its mark at the SA Longboard Championships in 2022. This initial venture into surf events involved sponsoring the winners with our towel ponchos and setting up our first pop-up stand. This experience not only allowed us to engage with the surf community but also set the groundwork for our future involvement in larger events.

The Pinnacle: WSL Corona Jbay Open Invitation:

Being invited to participate in the WSL Corona Jbay Open was a monumental achievement. Jeffrey's Bay, home to the best right-hand point break, Supertubes, hosts this prestigious event that draws surf enthusiasts from around the globe. Our wooden stand, nestled among other local brands, provided a platform to showcase our adult and kid changing towels, emphasizing our two-tone aesthetic and 100% cotton surf towels, proudly made locally.

A Showcase of Mahina Lifestyle:

The event was not just about towels; it was an opportunity to test new products and unveil limited-edition styles. From corduroy jackets to cotton dresses and exclusive t-shirt releases, Mahina Local's lifestyle collection took center stage. The vibrant atmosphere, international audience, and surf aficionados allowed us to present our brand in a dynamic and authentic way.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Undoubtedly, the logistics were challenging – transporting stock, decorations, and equipment from Cape Town to Jeffrey's Bay required meticulous planning. Yet, the stress was outweighed by the revenue generated, exposure gained, and connections forged. The event marked a significant chapter in Mahina's journey, proving the brand's resonance with the surf market.

A Poignant Note:

While the 2023 WSL Corona Jbay Open was a resounding success, it brings a touch of nostalgia to announce that the contest won't be happening in 2024. Nevertheless, the memories created, the relationships established, and the lessons learned during this iconic event will forever remain a cornerstone of Mahina Local's growth.

Being part of the WSL Corona Jbay Open was more than a business venture; it was a celebration of surf culture, sustainability, and the Mahina lifestyle. As we navigate the changing tides, we carry the spirit of the waves, the camaraderie of the surf community, and the indelible mark left by this monumental event. Join us as we continue riding the wave of sustainable living and surf-inspired fashion at Mahina Local.