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Mahina is a sustainable surf and lifestyle brand that focuses on the convenience and physical ease of a changing towel with minimal impact on the planet, wherever possible. We believe that our customers will wear our towels proudly, knowing that they are supporting a local, handmade and slow fashion brand. Catering for the community that loves the natural world, spending time in the water has never been more easy and carefree.

Our towelies are 100% local cotton - grown and manufactured in South Africa. Each product is cut and made by hand, making each purchase unique and special.We celebrate the freedom of water and how our customers choose to enjoy this freedom for themselves, whether it be surfing, free diving, kite surfing, swimming, sailing or kayaking – Mahina will be with you on every adventure.

Mahina means moon. The moon creates the ocean's tides and we use this to link our brand to the importance of nature. The most physical connection between our planet and the moon are its daily effects on the ocean. Along with the sun, the moon's mass pulls at the water that covers 70% of our planet, tugging it across the surface and concentrating it to form high tides.

Founded in 2020 by Paige Bannatyne, who ensures that the ocean is a part of her daily life with surfing, diving and swimming being at the forefront. She has a passion for local and ethical brands that are changing and inspiring people for a better future. A gap in the market was discovered when she tried to purchase a changing towel for herself. She was unable to find a product that was made from a natural fiber and had less impact on the planet. So the journey to create a changing towel began.